Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peachy holiday

LOVE our new shoes. I even got my other cousin a pair for his birthday/Christmas gift. He chose the most expensive pair of course. :/ Just kidding - they're a great buy.

With work, my nails get ruined so easily! I had polka dot red & white at the beginning of the week and I decided to go less festive and more adult: grey area.

My toes are getting a makeover with Revlon Top Speed Peachy. I've been looking for this shade of orange for a long time. It's more neon than I expected.

I thought about getting a grey-purple (stormy), but I already have grey area on my fingernails. Maybe next time. I got $3 in Walgreens cash from this purchase and picked up some Neutrogena Healthy Lengths mascara in carbon black that was ~$10 for just $3.19 after a $2 rebate (and of course, it was on sale for $5.19!)

I haven't used mascara in a long time and thought I should start acting like a girl again. :)

BodyPump was rough again. I continued with 40 pounds on squats for the 2nd time. It wasn't as tough as I've expected. Lunges rocked with a new suggestion: hold a 10 lb weight in one hand and hold onto the bar with the other. The latter allowed me to lunge lower while the former was extra. The abs track was preferable: we did plank and worked with a partner to pass a weight back & forth.

Work was slow? I had lots of customers myself and sold a great deal to a man, but unfortunately, I had the midday shift and got sent home after a few hours. I even had customers at the time. :/

Mom and I went to Costco to no avail and headed over to Mother's for my green juice. I need to switch it up with the kind of green juice. I also picked up some Tofutti cream cheese & Rudy's plain organic bagels (only 120 cals each) for dinner with 2 egg whites and green beans. I added some Trader Joe's fig butter.

I stopped by Trader Joe's for a reduced guilt pizza primavera and eggnog almonds (on sale!) for the rest of the week.

Once home, I caught "Once Upon A Time" with Ginnifer Goodwin on the telly.


The shots reminded me of Xena and Hercules. Aw, I miss those. I had Netflix for awhile and was able to watch it. This show was pretty good too; kind of like "Chronicles of Narnia."

And now for "The Santa Clause 3!" I loved the first one and can't remember the second one. When this one came out, I made my dad go see it in the theater with me. I love Tim Allen even with his subpar efforts nowadays. I will never shake my memories from "Home Improvement."

I'm roasting some cinnamon almonds! I've been eating raw almonds since finishing my batch of Union Square Cafe almonds.

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