Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great energy

I'm making a habit of going to boot camp class. While some moves are the same, the whole set up is a surprise each time. There's not much thinking and lots of doing. I was befriended by a fit looking 30-some year old in her first class. Part way through, she told me I had great energy. I was proud. There are tons of people in the class, thinner than me and quite a few men, but I rock it. Jumping didn't happen much cause I kept slipping in my shoes. Everything else went well and I was sweating so much that I could barely see! That's a sign of a killer workout.

Afterwards, I bought mom and my ain't their Christmas present: a Costco membership. Not just a Gold one either. We were coaxed into an Executive membership. Unfortunately, I didn't find any holiday gifts there. We got lots of samples to supplement my Fage mango guava yogurt before work.

I chatted with my co-worker all through my shift and celebrated my assistant manager's birthday by getting her dark chocolate sea salt caramel from World Market and a quick stop to buy Skinnygirl margarita. I need to try it too. When I saw it, I thought of her. That's what happens or doesn't happen with my holiday shopping.

A cute guy came in buying a scarf for his girlfriend. We found out he's from Iowa, a home-grown boy. Us girls were totally sweating. :)

I've thought intensely about Christmas presents. I bought cat cookies for a teacher after work then headed to The Container Store to buy some magnetic hooks. The only ones that would work were ugly and expensive. I think a trip to Ikea may be in order.

I walked over to Marshall's and ended up trying clothes on. Oops. I picked out several Kyodan workout tanks. I already have 2 of the same style and chose to buy a dark lavender top: super hot, makes me look like I have boobs, tucks in my belly a little, and is ruched in the back.

To finish off my night, I had a green juice from one of my favorite juicers, Jack, and a slice of pizza.

Anyways, I'll need to finish off a little shopping for others after my workout today: 30 minutes on the bike (done) and BodyPump.

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