Sunday, December 25, 2011

NBA: obsession reignited?

I headed to bed late after watching "Southland Tales" and woke up to go to yoga with mom. We went to Ra Strength. I'm glad I got her to come because I always wanted a more active family. Though my mom is as active as it gets in my family. I couldn't help giggling with her there. Today was better than yesterday for me. I got 5 lb and 8 lb weights this time around. What would help is getting my hip adjusted... yoga has elevated the pain in my hip.

I drank some of my super cleansing cocktail (bought yesterday from Mother's) and had a bagel-wich: Rudi's Organic plain bagel toasted with goat cheese spread on one half and PB2 + Tofutti cream cheese spread + 2 slices of turkey.

We're watching NBA games (Miami v. Dallas & Lakers v. Chicago). I haven't watched basketball in 7 years. I used to be a diehard fan till I moved to college. I'm rooting for Miami and to spite my cousin, Chicago. While he likes teams, I follow players so wherever mine go, my heart goes. After clips of the NY Knicks v. Boston game, I think I'll be rooting for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks, but Boston is a team you just can't hate.

P.S. Chicago's team was much more fun to watch than the Lakers, and they won in a super close game.

A nap and oatmeal for dinner later, I'm ready to get to the theater to see "The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo!" It's 2 hours and 40 minutes long, but I hope I can combat numbness in my butt. :/ Off to cut an apple to sneak in (have to be healthy!).

Merry Christmas all!

Sun, Dec 25

10:30 Ra Strength
Super Cleansing Cocktail (150), bagelwich (250) [400], chips + salsa (100) [500], almonds (100) [600], oatmeal (150) [750], apple + almond butter (200) [950]

Mon, Dec 26

9 Zumba, 10 yoga
12-4 work
bagelwich, yogurt, green juice, apple

Tues, Dec 27
30 mins elliptical
10:30-3 work
1/2 banana (50), bagelwich (200) [250], yogurt single (120) [370], 1/2 green juice (100) [470], sugar free pumpkin cheesecake + raw apple pie (250) [720], pizza (250) [970], beer + cocktail (300) [1270]

Wed, Dec 28
3-7:30 work
bagelwich, yogurt, green juice, apple

Thurs, Dec 29
8 BodyPump
3:30-7:30 work
bagelwich, yogurt, green juice, apple

Fri, Dec 30
8:30-9:30 24SET
bagelwich, oatmeal, green juice, apple

Sat, Dec 31
12-4 work
bagelwich, yogurt, green juice, apple

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