Thursday, December 22, 2011

Push yourself

Wee Wednesday! I had so many things to look forward to today but mostly, my massage.

First, I worked out. Since I had to make my 10:30 appointment in LA, I didn't have a chance to go to a class. I expected to do a video. My legs though went oooh and my brain obliged. I went running for the first time ever, or at least since being required to in high school. I ran a mile on the treadmill once and it took me 10 whole minutes. I put on running shorts, a t-shirt, and a sweater. I never workout in long sleeves and even short sleeves are awkward! I went around a whole block - 2 miles - and only stopped once. I finished in 18 minutes. My heart and breath didn't return to normal for another hour!

I made it to my appointment with time to spare. I bought my massage & nutrition consultation on LivingSocial. Dr. DeLeon was nice, the nutritional consultation was actually using electrodes, and my massage therapist was wacky, almost Michael Jackson, but the best! She was totally in tune with my body. Afterwards, I made notes to GET MY HIP & NECK ALIGNED & buy lotion for my heels. My hips are out of place, which explains my problem with squats and my Ben may have something to do with working my forearms over my upper arms.

I headed over to fonuts to use my Daily Candy deals. I got a half dozen + 1 for just $10 instead of $21. The maple bacon was disappointing and the Hawaiian was gross. However, all the regular donuts were good. We loved earl grey blueberry and strawberry buttermilk. Because these donuts are baked, they are cakey, particularly the red velvet. I had a nite of each and let my family at 'em.

(left top to bottom then right: red velvet, earl grey blueberry, strawberry buttermilk, pumpkin, coconut passionfruit [too sweet], and maple bacon [ick])

Instead of trying to figure out more to do in LA and because I feared traffic, I headed home. My cousin and I went shopping for my wiper blades and his engine oil. Then we went to Target so he could buy some presents for his cousins' kids. He also got me a gift: a massage stick! I was so excited to see this after having seen lots of different ones on OpenSky.

I had a Rudi's bagel with Tofutti and fig butter + slice of turkey before work not realizing that our boss orders us pizza when we have to set up the layout. I'm saving my slices for tomorrow.

My arms were in pain. I folded tops using the special folding table, but the counter is high up so my shoulders and upper back got a workout.

I finished my night with a pre-bought green juice, Goddess of Greens. After yesterday's fiasco of cukes, tomato, grape, and apple, I went for my usual. The tomato makes juice strange.

When I got home, I saw a package for myself and couldn't remember buying anything. It was Chalene Johnson's book, PUSH!!

I can't wait to read it in the new year...after Love Walked In, which I'm almost done with, and Spirit Junkie up next!

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