Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying an easy living

I was pretty excited to head to the gym today and not be restrained by a class today. I woke up early because it was loud in the house then headed over there, forgetting breakfast. I planned to ride my bike, but I'm afraid of any drizzle that continued to be a drizzle even after I finished up.

I compacted my workout today: 20 minutes on the bike at a vigorous pace and then Blogilates/Cassey's sample workout. Half of it. I am in awe that she's so strong. I am not. I can do 5-10 lbs less on everything though and that's starting off. I could only do half, but I really enjoyed the squats and shoulder press (first one) and the last one, the clean and press.

I showered and made myself an effortless, no mess breakfast: 1/2 c. Fage 0%, cinnamon Puffins!, and a little Barney butter! Yum.

The kitchen is ridic and was loud this morning because we're having a family gathering and thus, food. I'm going in a little while but couldn't figure out what else to do before. The gloom is making me not want to go outdoors and to farmer's markets. So it's easy living over here especially with everything in place now. :)
  • Read Joy Luck Club
  • Go to bank?

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