Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cupcake Camp OC

I didn't participate in Cupcake Camp OC but should have. I was pretty disappointed by the size. I thought it would be MUCH bigger and it didn't even hold a candle to Cupcakes for Cures back in Asheville.

Nonetheless, I got some cupcakes. Only a few were really great.

Merlot wine cupcake with a chocolate base from Sweet Cakes by Andrea was GREAT!

Colorful ones

Trendy ones

Surf-inspired was my favorite.

It was 9/11 by the way.

The breakfast cereal one had a strawberry milk frosting and stale Captain Crunch on an overcooked vanilla-y cupcake. Ick. There's also the Merlot cupcake and a yam cupcake from Sakura's Gourmet Cakes & Catering that was quite tasty but looked very amateur.

The minis included a churro & pumpkin cupcake from desi[gn] cakes & cupcakes, which were both really good.

The other two, a Snickers & Jack Daniel's (so promising right?!) and French toast(?) bacon cupcake from Hollicakes were subpar. However, I enjoy her blog and this:

(image from Hollicakes Blog)

Eh, not great and rather expensive for the amount of cupcakes I got. $15 for 5 tickets! I wouldn't go to this one again. I'd rather spend a lot more on a better quality.

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