Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Other hobbies, like reading

I've been a little busy lately, which is good. 4 hours at the school require a little bit more scheduling than my usual days of nothingness.

I'm proud to say I have continued to spend $0 this week except on gas, which I kind of need right now actually. Eek, I almost forgot.

I've caught up on my bills. Yay and well, not so awesome because that means I'm a little more broke than before, but it's a good thing to get things paid and to be working on them. :)

Oh yes, let's talk books since there's not much food going on in my life except I've been consuming apples like no one's business and these salads made with cabbage, some other veggies, chicken, and fish sauce. Yeah, that's right - fish sauce. I tried Brodard Restaurant's chicken salad but it is too expensive for what it is at $11. So we made our own and it feeds our whole family.

BIGGER THAN MY FACE. I ate it again for dinner tonight and it's definitely on the menu tomorrow! :)

I finished Room, which was fantastic. It's a short read and took me in from the beginning. The story is bizarre. Sometimes I got annoyed by the narrator, the little boy, for not wanting to help escape though it's understandable. I never thought the plan would actually work! A good chunk, about 1/4 of the story, discusses life after getting out of Room. It was a sad story to say the least and I'm hoping to read something happier.

So far, in September, I've polished off 3 books. Okay, it's a cheat since I found out I had already read a chunk of book #1.

I've started my 4th book. I picked The Joy Luck Club though it's not much happier. The last few biographical comedies I've read have been subpar, including American Thighs. Maybe I need to get my hands on some David Sedaris.

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