Sunday, September 4, 2011

70th year of Sundays

Watching "I Love Lucy" and wondering what everyone is doing. No one is home. All my relatives are at my uncle's 70th birthday bash, but I was donezo after a good 2 hours. I'm too old for the tikes and too young for everyone else. Thus, I decided to come home.

I did eat some shrimp balls, pork balls, cantaloupe, guac and chips, and a bit of flan. Not a ton. I rode my bike there and back partially because I skipped the gym this morning and partially because I haven't ridden the bike at all.

Instead of the gym, I woke up slowly and ate breakfast: Egg Beaters garden vegetables were on sale for 25 cents so I had them for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I also had half an alternative (low cal) bagel with my homemade pumpkin cream cheese.

I finally headed to the farmer's market at Great Park in Irvine. I loved it. It's out of the way, but there were great vendors. I picked up quite a few... sweets. :)

I couldn't help stop by this booth! "Nothing stops a bullet like a job" and "Jobs not jails" is their motto. They have a restaurant too. At the market, they featured salsa and chips, baked goods, and breads.

I picked up a cheap-o tropical biscotti, which was nice and moist for a biscotti, and a homemade candy bar from Jus Minis.

Now to lay down and nap maybe before getting my green juice and grocery shopping on. :)

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