Friday, September 23, 2011

New season, new start

As I'm reading The Joy Luck Club, I also picked up The Nine Rooms of Happiness and am super excited to get at it. Because, do I need it!

Happy first day of fall! It's going well so far. I think it may be my favorite season especially with pumpkins! :) You're going to hear soooo much about pumpkins!

My knees and body have been a bother lately. I can barely do anything in my classes for some reason - fatigue, sluggishness, et al. So my plan was to give it a rest (yesterday) and do something a little lighter this AM ("Slim in 6" Burn It Up).

I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, but actually, that did me better than sleeping 8-9 hours last night.

I even ate a whole Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Pizza Primavera for dinner yesterday. Me? Yeah!

Last night, I stayed up watching the last episodes of "Lives of Omission." I just had to.

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