Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not so healthy can be healthy.

$1 cinnamon French toast non-fat coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf yday. One of the reasons I love fall.

Julie goes not-so-healthy.

I began my day with an interview.

I got an e-mail. Hate e-mails because they're bad news. It made me upset.

Eat a doughnut quarter from Sweet O' Donuts. Very doughy. Loved that. Stressed.

x 2. Or well, I ate all the peanut butter from inside the doughnut from Adams Avenue Donuts.

I tried to take a nap.

I got a call.

Went to the district office right away.

Get a TB skin test.

LiveScan so they know I'm not sketchy.

Turn in forms. Go to payroll. Take an ID photo.

Be employed.

Don't go to the gym. Try to be okay with it.

Eat Green Rice Kabob. Surprisingly fancy and clean despite its location in an old strip mall filled with Mexican and Chinese to-gos. Boneless chicken with a big salad instead of rice. I got my cousin the beef koobideh. Both were awesome, but the beef was much better.

Make some Vietnamese pandan bready dessert with my aunt.

Did not eat much today. I was mostly stressed in the AM and ecstatic in the PM when I learned I got the job I interviewed for TODAY just two hours after my interview.

No, I didn't get the job at the half Hispanic school where I was supposed to attend but my parents wanted me to go to a better school. I didn't get the job at the... um, white/Asian rich/poor school, respectively. I hadn't heard from the primarily Asian school and I didn't expect to hear from the continuation high school yet.

I doubt I'll hear from any of them since HR calls us and knows I'm now employed by one of the top schools in the district (the other being my former high school). They're sometimes ranked higher even. It looks exactly like my alma mater. Good test scores, well-off community, and a very large special education program (thumbs up for working at the best). My cousin goes there (and is in the program), which I failed to mention because really, it doesn't matter. So wow, maybe I'm not fit for these other schools, but I fit in at this school? :)

The only thing is that it probably is the farthest from my home base - about 20 minutes at most.

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