Friday, September 9, 2011

Same thing, different schools?

After my ONE workout, 24 SET, this morning, I didn't go to Turbo.

Whenever I take strength classes, I never know what body part I'll be working. Between the insane amount of bicep curls on Wednesday's strength training, yesterday's BodyPump & power yoga, and today's focus on chest, my arms are tight and sore.

Plus, I've got a ton of chances to do Turbo next week. I've also focused too much on cardio and not enough on strength lately so I'm glad I'm craving some strength training. That and I didn't want to deal with the immense amount of people on Fridays - I haven't missed one Friday Turbo class since I've been here!

I appear to be amassing interviews.

I went to one today at the high school I was supposed to go to but didn't. The school is almost HALF Latino and then split evenly between Asians and white students. Performance isn't that great though. I loved the interviewers: a smiley Asian woman and surprisingly, a man! I was unknowingly late - the e-mail said 2:20 and the interviews said I was supposed to be there at 2. Not. My. Fault.

It went well nonetheless. And I don't say that about all interviews - at least not the last two. I was too flustered then.

However, this will all be good practice.

Monday, an interview at a bigger school that's kind of farther away and isolated. It's on the edge of town where one side faces a long stretch of nothingness before the ocean. It's mostly white and then Asians. The campus houses two other adult and alternative schools. Test scores indicate it is in the middle in terms of performance.

Tuesday's interview will be at a continuation high school. It's very close, actually next to my former high school. It's smaller so I'll be able to shine.

Finally, I got a call today about an interview on Wednesday at one of the top 3 schools in the district. It was our rival school and my cousin actually goes to the special education program there. That may be odd so I probably shouldn't mention that she goes there.

Now the only thing about the last interview is, I've decided to take the first job I get. The school I interviewed at today said they'd know by Monday.

While I look at demographics and test scores, I can't tell whether the schools will be a good place to work. I'd honestly prefer working at my alma mater. Surprise huh? I DID NOT like high school much. It's a great school though.

However, I liked the interviewers today and they're the teachers I'd be working with. Yet that doesn't indicate everything either.

It'll be hard to pick if I get more than one offer, which is why I've decided that I need a job and it all pays the same/is the same job... but mostly, I'll take a chance.

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