Thursday, September 8, 2011

Putting bread on the table: South Pasadena & more

Plans change. I like to eat my bigger meals in the morning so I braved the traffic and got to Great Harvest in South Pasadena in about an hour and 15 minutes. Yikes.

I was excited because of all the pictures and descriptions from Kath.

I was overwhelmed by all the choices. I asked for a suggestion and decided on the breakfasty egg white with provolone and herb spread on Dakota bread. Delicious. I ate half then and the other half not too long later.

Of course, I asked for some samples of their sweets, but the cinnamon chip bread I bought was desserty enough. One chunk became two and then like 1/6 of the loaf.

Geez. I promise you more than that much is gone...

Now I've sliced it and put it away so I won't be tempted to eat more than one piece a day. Must save.

I got a loaf of Dakota bread too. I can't resist buying bread! :/

Afterwards, I walked and drove around South Pasadena and Pasadena. I came upon a KindKreme by accident and got the suggested banana bread scoop. It wasn't very large so that was okay plus, I only ate half. I was too full! :(

When I asked the girl at KindKreme if the Whole Foods was near, which is how I stumbled by their shop in the first place, she said it was just a block away and a great walk. Good idea.

I walked over. Eh, been to a lot of Whole Foods and didn't particularly need anything.

Instead of trying to navigate the city for delicious food I didn't need, I decided I had enough yummy loaves of carbs and headed home.

On the way back, I found out that my interview is tomorrow. I actually thought so because they mentioned interviews starting Friday not today.

Then I got another call for TWO more interviews on Monday and Tuesday.

All of them are in my former high school district. None of them are my high school though, or really the nicer ones. That's saying nothing though because it's a pretty middle-upper class district as is.

I've got THREE tries to get it right.

Okay, I woke up far too early and ate way too many carbs. It's nap time.

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