Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mini food extravaganza

Of course on a day it rains I crave biking. Instead of boot camp, I biked for about 40 minutes. It was a dedicated cardio day.

Then off I went to the farmer's market. I can't resist.

I finally tried fresh dates. It has a raw taste to it. The one on the vine that was curing was delicious though. Good thing I didn't buy a whole tray at the store. One of the perks of farmer's markets is being able to try them. I'll stick to dried dates.

However, I like fresh figs. They're not as sweet as dried ones. I bought a tray that had black mission, Kadota, and brown Turkish figs. I tried to separate them out. I know the yellow ones are Kadota figs and I can't quite tell between the Turkish and mission figs. I think I only got one or two Turkish figs.

For the first time, I ventured away from the farmer's market and into University Center. They had a number of restaurants like Cha for Tea. I heard good things and they had samples of over-battered and crispy chicken and sweet potato fries. I got the almond milk tea with the non-dairy creamer but opted out of sugar. I wanted to replace it with some other sugar, but there was nothing else so I went without and it was fine.

I checked out The Veggie Grill. I didn't want a salad or a sandwich because I had some eggs in my car. I did end up getting enticed by their brown rice macaroni and cheese, which I included in my lunch later. The cheese taste was weak but otherwise, not bad.

Lunch: one of two hard boiled eggs (one consumed on my commute), goat cheese, spinach, and a chunk of Great Harvest cinnamon chip. Mmm. I added half the mac.

*Note to self: Try The Veggie Grill's tempeh buffalo wings. I got to try one and it was awesome.

I went to Wholesome Choice and didn't end up buying anything, but I love the fruit selection! Dates, figs, cactus pears, and other things I'm not sure about.

Random jams and preserves including EGGPLANT PRESERVE! Crazy!

I had to make a u-turn in a neighborhood and saw this house. I stopped and took a picture.

On my way home, I stopped by the SoCo Collection to check out their farmer's market. Lots of vendors were missing. Guess it was the fear of bad weather.

Much of my time was spent at the grand opening of Fixtures Living. It's a high class Ikea where things work and they were cooking in the demo kitchens. I ate more samples.

Lots of things that are pretty are impractical, particularly some sinks and bathtubs. The sinks aren't deep enough or too square to be comfortable.

Last two stops: sweets. I didn't get any all day and Bubba Sweets just opened. I got myself a mini pumpkin spice (HEAVEN!) and I got my cousin a chocolate cupcake with cookie dough inside and a cookie on top! They offered me 5 cent ice cream, but I declined since I still had to make a few trips.

Like... The Great Dane Baking Company. It was on the way and I had ANOTHER mini: red velvet. Too decorative. The pink frosting is buttercream, which is a nice change from the usual cream cheese. It wasn't as good as the pumpkin spice.

So as I ate so many samples today and minis of things, I went with green juice for dinner and a bit of Fage 0% and fig!

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