Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food in a wandering life

Yesterday's post-workout meal: 2 egg whites with some Crofter's SuperJam and a half slice of Great Harvest cinnamon chip - last bit of it!

Great Park farmer's market post-Cupcake Camp OC. Best balloon ever: octopus!

While I was in Irvine, JJ Bakery's cute cake slice. I also got a couple of mini mooncakes (plum and green tea, which was not as good as plum).

I was STARVING for dinner but had trouble deciding on anything. I wanted Vietnamese chicken, but everywhere I wanted to go was closed on Sundays. Finally went with Xanh Bistro's fish and yam fries. I ate one fish and 1/3 the fries. I wanted chicken, but everything had rice or noodles and I'm not a fan of those usually. :/

Post-interview Cherry on Top, my new favorite fro-yo place. They have good flavors and exceptional toppings.

P.S. Interview went like this... one interviewer was a former teacher at my old high school but I didn't have her, they asked me if I knew Vietnamese (I understand it and can speak a litte), and... I high-fived one of the women. So how do you think it went?

This Thunderbird is really a Thunderchicken.

Stumbled upon some Biscoff spread. Bought it because of Averie and Kath. Couldn't find the cookies though. Ended up eating some with half an apple. :) Mm.

Dinner tonight ended up being a ton of romaine with enoki mushrooms, Homeboy's mango salsa, and Trader Joe's guac hummus. I was so full, I couldn't eat my actual dinner of salmon and eggplant so that's what I'll have tomorrow instead. I did have room for Chobani 0% with fresh figs and honey though!

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