Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling into place/pieces

I worked almost five hours today though my shift is only four per day. It was the first day and I was pretty much thrown in there.

I worked with students on an essay on their favorite season in one period. All of them chose summer or winter. I love them all, but the one that shocks me is fall.

See, when it's spring and turns into summer, the weather doesn't change a whole lot.

When it's fall and becomes winter, I'm a tad cold. I love the big holiday season, but it got rough these last two winters in N.C.

I'm happy it's spring after rough winters, but springs lasts so long.

However, fall brings in a new school year and being the forever student that I am, it's still relevant. The early fall air is also so pleasant and leaves start turning. Halloween is also such a fun holiday. :)

I did some mail while the students had lunch and went off to help students as they took a science test.

I came home, had the same lunch as yesterday, and napped. I felt so tired from 45 minutes of nap that I ended up just chilling tonight. Yeah, I'm going to have to get it together but I woke up super early this morning to get my TB test looked at so I was extra tired.

In addition, I went by Taste of India and had a huge meal, which wasn't so big after I shared it with my cousin. The meal was super cheap and I got chicken Tandoori, a salad with yogurt sauce, garlic naan (at no extra cost!), and rice. I laid off the rice and ate a bit of naan. I had to order samosas on the side as they were fresh to order. They have steam trays with samosas, but those are only for show. Awesome righhhttt??!

To top it all off, my cousin and I shared some Yogurtland yogurt with their new flavors: PB&J (awesome), oatmeal cookie (very good also), and blueberry lime/lemon mint (I don't like fruit very much).

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? Mmm. The Cville Cluster Granola is awesome - big chunks. Not so much in Groovy Granola but still good.

I had a coupon for $1 off MaraNatha and found their brand spankin' new sunflower seed butter with a hint of sea salt. It's totally like their PB with sea salt rather, au naturel where oil and nuts separate. There aren't seeds like Sunbutter and doesn't have the smoothness and taste of Trader Joe's. So far, not a fan - there's just no distinct sunflower seed taste. Strange.

I'm going to read some Room since I'm a tad behind and then head to bed so I can wake up early and get my workouts done! Must redeem myself ya know.

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