Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In search of... bread, farmer's markets, & cupcakes

Return of the to do list. P.S. My cousin asked me whether or not I used a "-" in to do list. I said no, but that varies.

The interview I got throws me off a little, but at least it forces me to go when their farmer market is open! :)
  • 7:30AM wake up
  • 8:15AM head to South Pas
  • 10AM brunch at Great Harvest!
  • 4:30PM head to gym, ride bike for 30 minutes
  • 5:30PM BodyPump
  • 6:30PM yoga
One more thing, should I go to Cupcake Camp OC this weekend? I think yes.

This event is on Sunday, which I'll go after hip hop Hustle and a trip to the Great Park Farmer's Market.

Saturday, I'll head to boot camp and then the Irvine Farmer's Market & SoCo's Fixtures Living, which opens!

I love me some farmer's markets. :)

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