Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy breezy kind of day

Ahh, I was supposed to come home from the gym and read, but alas, my cousin and I started reminiscing about our childhood and stalking former, mostly retired teachers. :) It began because this morning I had to sit for exam with our former high school district. They called back for an oral interview tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

The prompt for the writing portion was on my favorite restaurant, in two to three paragraphs. Easy peasy. I wrote it like a review. Haha.

I started my day with a Trader Joe's pomegranate Greek yogurt. Pretty tasty. Give it two thumbs up.

I was in the beach area and ended up walking around Main Street Huntington Beach. In my work wear. It was hot.

I had soup at Bodhi Tree vegetarian restaurant. They got lots of stars on Yelp for good reason. Like this pumpkin soup.

...the lunch special, "Off the Wok:" I ate ALL of the sweet and sour "pork" with a tad bit of brown rice. I avoided the noodles.
I had to get this green tea muffin thingy too. I ate half after lunch and the rest just now. So good.

I downed a mean green juice and rode my bike to the gym in the PM for strength training, which was okay. Lots of bicep curls.

But Turbo. Geez. Sucked. It must be that Wednesday night instructors can never compare to my former one. And they just really suck.

Shakeology post-workout along with some apple & Trader Joe's sunflower butter - mom loved it too but wanted the seeds.

Off to finish my book!

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