Saturday, November 26, 2011

The days after...

Yesterday involved:

Very stiff TurboKick & Amp'd Abs. Maybe because I wore pants and could not be as aerodynamic as usual. I had leftover turkey and veggies then went to my first Black Friday in retail. I bought a shirt and headband (maybe too wide for my head) on sale.

I came home and ordered this BABY online for $65.

Nike Move Fit

I'm so excited to get new sneakers after watching multiple videos on Nike technology (Lunarlite [super light foam], Free [barefoot movement], & Flywire [stitching that supports foot in shoe]). I had the Nike Free Quick Fit XT previously and they were amazing.


However, there weren't many other colors I wanted. The only other one I want is in pink and grey, but it's unavailable in my size (7.5). :/

All the excitement required a Super Cleansing Cocktail from Mother's.

Dinner was the same thing as lunch.

My cousins and I went out to rent movies ("Monsters vs Aliens" and "Bond of Silence"). We got through "Monsters vs Aliens," which I've seen and enjoyed.

We also got frozen yogurt. Only a pump of it for me though: cinnamon roll flavored.

Theraflu nighttime put me bed.

Today started with BodyPump. I did great on the lunge track but the opening squat tracked killed me. I was dripping a ton. The chest and arms track went okay too, but I struggled with the back track.

I went to the farmer's market for organic Pink Lady apples and to numerous healthy food stores for a Cleansing Cocktail, peppermint and white chocolate covered pretzels for my cousin, pumpkin tofu pudding 50% off, and butternut squash to add to my 'shrooms and asparagus.

The combo is so good that I had it for a late lunch with half of a goat cheese & chicken quesadilla. Then I ate the rest of the veggies for dinner.

I realized I love snacking throughout the day so I'm never grossly full. While watching "Bond of Silence," I had a SmartPop! kettle korn single then attempted to make a microwaveable coffee cake.

Not bad, but I made it with all whole wheat so it was dense. I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. The crumbly topping was the best part and everything else was donated to the trash can.

I can't wait to get back into eating apples. And off to rent a movie and read The Help. It's so good, but when I have the choice between a book and a movie, the latter wins.

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