Saturday, November 5, 2011

Diverted again: work & workout

I had to work this morning and because it's a little farther, I didn't have a chance to hit the gym for any classes before and also to shower. So I just went to work. For breakfast, I stopped by Nekter Juice Bar to finally try an acai bowl.

I DID NOT expect it to be that big. Look at the spoon and my hand in comparison! I ate half of it for lunch and a little more during my 10 minute break.

Cold. On a cold morning. And it's getting colder tomorrow (with rain as well).

Work was uneventful. We expected big sales today, but nada. We even had everyone working. I got a free $10 gift card for lunch at Bristol Farms. They had a Thanksgiving tasting though and I just ate that: sample sizes of stuffing, turkey, mini beef wellington, spanakopita, and banana cupcake... I'll save my gift card for another day. :)

I went over to take a 3 HOUR nap at mom's! I finally woke up and headed to the gym for 20 minutes of cardio and Fitnessista's Schweaty November Workout. By the time I got there, they were closing! I got there at exactly 5:59PM and while the bigger locations stay open 24 hours, the one nearby actually closes. Instead of driving to another location, I chose to go home, break out Round 42 of TurboKick and then Blogilates' Bikini Ready Abs as well as this:

I wasn't craving anything tonight. I just ate what we had: spinach with shrimp, cukes (which I dislike and gave up eating halfway), cranberries, and a few walnuts. I snacked on edamame while this was being made.

Yesterday's lunch: baked salmon with green onions and broc.

Perfect because I saved my egg burrito for lunch and it kept me full(er). Good plan for next week. Have a wonderful night. :)

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