Saturday, November 26, 2011

Light & sparkly day

I've resorted to watching "The Bee Movie" on TV since it's that strange time during the night when they show sports news and well, the NBA lockout no longer concerns me. For a long long time, I loved basketball, was obsessed with it - I'd tear up during games. Now, I'm more into MMA but not really all that much.

Anyways, I just finished "The Family Tree," which I rented because the cast was rather interesting: Chi McBride, Rachael Leigh Cook, Selma Blair, Christina Hendricks, Bow Wow, Jane Seymour, and Evan Ross among those I know. None of them were the main characters, but I was pleasantly engaged.

The movie was funny and no one dies. I honestly didn't expect it to be good or have much development. I mean, not that it really does, but it does offer a clear resolution.

Because I didn't have much else to do this afternoon, I saw "Bond of Silence." I enjoy Kim Raver and was glad I rented this film. I thought it would be much scarier with Kim Raver taking on those kids in some creepy and violent way. Nope. Yet it was still good to go.

I took off the chipping chocolate burgundy on my nails yesterday and want to paint it either a muted pastel or a sparkly color. Any ideas? What's a hot fall-winter color?

More sparkles here!

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