Thursday, November 17, 2011

More fun than 1 job

Busy with both jobs lately so updates have been... nonexistent. I'm really enjoying them both. Working 4 hours at each really changes things up so I don't get bored.

Or too bored. I love working with these guys (especially the two on the right). So fun.

We watched "Easy A" and they ate pizza I went to pick up for the teacher. I brought cupcakes: free ones from SusieCakes, 4 from Sprinkles, and 2 from Tomgirl. Of course I gave the Sprinkles to some of my faves (see above picture). I had one yesterday as well thanks to the secret phrase of the day! I couldn't pass it up because it was salted caramel. Today's was a chocolate cupcake that I gave to my cousin.

Aw, a week is going to be too long away from them!

My other job isn't half bad actually. It goes by pretty fast and anxiety from selling is wearing off a bit. And the manager I didn't like much is coming around. She shared some salami and asiago cheese with me. It was so good that I went to Trader Joe's for some toscano cheese with espresso (tastes like parm) and a trio of Spanish brand deli meats.

After many days of working, I will be off for 4 days there too! Woo!

Bed now... lots to update you on this weekend. Looking forward to it!

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