Sunday, November 20, 2011


Just wrapped up watching the AMAs with my cousin. The grand finale with LMFAO was amazing as it included Bieber and The Hoff. Another amazing show was put on by J. Lo, who has still got it, and Will.I.Am. However, everything else was pretty eh.
  • Taylor Swift winning artist of the year?
  • Katy Perry's performance?
  • Those plain dresses, except J. Lo did us well of course.
  • Christina looking either pregnant or dressed in too tight of a dress?
  • Drake as a bank robber with pretty bad vocals?
Granted, I only saw half of the show, but I was disappointed. Singers used to perform and entertain. The performances I saw tonight by Drake, Katy Perry, and Mary J. Blige did not entertain. The songs weren't even very good. I had seen Maroon 5 on SNL and while I love them, their performances are dull.

I definitely missed a Beyonce-like performance or those by Britney.

Thank goodness Adele won over Gaga and Rihanna. And that Bruno Mars beat out Bieber. Though I do have respect for Bieber after seeing him with LMFAO and with Boyz II Men on DWTS the other night. Looks like he's working hard, but he's definitely the "Twilight" series of music.

Speaking of movies real quick, I attempted to watch "Larry Crowne" but fell asleep. I just saw "Forrest Gump" and my first thought was that Tom Hanks was reprising his role! Hah. Maybe I should have gotten "Beginners" or started watched Harry Potter.

I'll most some AMA fashion tomorrow but till then, I'm off to reading and bed. Its been a very pouring & rainy day here and I only got out ONCE all day!

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