Saturday, November 12, 2011

Escaping small children

While out shopping for my cousin's gift this morning, I had breakfast at Cafe Cup. It's an offshoot of an established cafe in Long Beach.

They had an extensive menu and lots of interesting options. I chose a mini cini to start and coffee. The cinnamon roll was warm and fluffy but not quite sweet enough. My meal was the Lean & Lite: egg white omelette with chicken in ginger sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and a little cottage cheese. I chose fruit and part of a bagel on the side. The bagel was a little over toasted and I didn't get the cream cheese which was extra.

I'm apathetic towards children due to my previous job. Those that visited today especially were tough so I left the house to go to Ikea to buy a tumbler - I like crowded places where I buy ONE item sometimes. Only when I'm patient though.

I also headed to Trader Joe's for ginger cat cookies (to make pumpkin pie tomorrow) and sea salt peanut butter - a bit on the runny side.

I stopped by Whole Foods for a bit of their Thanksgiving tasting in the afternoon. I loved the butternut squash in the veggie medley.

Also (first 4 oz) free YogiBerry yogurt! They had limited flavors but pretty tasty ones.

For dinner, I ate leftover omelette and some chicken from our family's batch of Hainan chicken and rice.

I'm exhausted from "playing" with the kids. I was sweating! Off to watch more of "Hung."

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