Thursday, November 10, 2011

Numbers everywhere

I worked my first shift with one of the managers. I've really enjoyed working with the others thus far, but this one was tough. She was somewhat critical and wanted me to sell sell sell. I'm a trained teacher and there's a reason I didn't go into business. I'm not a pushy person. I'm rather pleasant.

Eating more and working out less has proved difficult. I went to the gym for 20 minutes of light elliptical and then did BodyPump. I definitely need to refocus on weights because I feel like I'm not working the right parts anymore. Ick. My forearms and shoulders work most and my quads when I do leg workouts. :/ Regardless, I felt successful for the most part.

After work, I rented "An Invisible Sign" with Jessica Alba. Cute thus far.

I'm super happy because I got paid. I also got my first paycheck from my new job. It's not a lot, but it makes me happy. Getting paid is nice, but the best part is paying off bills and finding out that I still have a good credit score. :)

Off tomorrow for Veteran's Day:
  • TurboKick and Amp'd Abs
  • Buy my darling cousin a birthday present or a few of them to compile into a gift package :)
  • Pluck eyebrows

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