Friday, November 4, 2011

Pushing through it and alternatives

While watching "Captain America" (not that great and despite Chris Evans' hot bod, I'm not into him) and reading last night, I attempted to do some exercises... just in bed and in my room. Wall sits included to see if my ankles and knees were okay. Well, I woke up to some pain in my ankles this morning, but no biggie.

When I headed to the gym, my plan was foiled and I chose the stair climber. Hey there, it's been awhile. My feet hurt after 10 minutes! It was a great sweat, but I decided it would be beneficial to hit the bike. 10 more minutes on the bike later, I wasn't in the mood for 24SET. I feared for my knees, and I had talked about doing weights on my own:

I did it all except the box jumps. I didn't have a bench! :/ It took me about 30 minutes. Usually her workouts take me longer, but yes, I always feel out of place in the weight room so I hurry it up.
  • Dumbbell squats: 20 lbs in each hand = 40 lbs total
  • Bicep curl: 20 lbs, but I could have done more. Whenever I take BodyPump though, I only put on a medium and small on each side (15 lbs).
  • Overhead tricep press: An amazing 17.5 lbs!
  • Alt. walking lunges: 40 lbs!
I bought some cottage cheese last night after reading Cassey's/Blogilates' note on her meal plan:
Mix all together. Cottage cheese makes a great last meal bc it contains casein, a slow digesting protein that keeps your muscles fed throughout the night.
Time for breakfast and work xs 2.

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