Thursday, November 24, 2011

I can do it tomorrow

Woke up late after a night of shots over at an old high school acquaintance's house. I missed my class, which was probably packed anyways and I hate waiting in line for classes. A little hungover but food and fresh air helped.

So today will be my 2nd day off this week. It'll be okay. I always get more excited about working out when I've had a break. And 2 days off is so rare for me.

11:30 low carb tortilla, poached egg, and goat cheese! (250)
2:30 kettle popcorn & asparagus (150)
6 turkey breast meat & ham ~5 oz., butternut squash & asparagus, mashed potatoes (500)
7:30 sliver of cake that wasn't very good & small slice of pumpkin pie (300)

Before the turkey made it to the table...

My cousin bought this cake from Extraordinary Desserts, but it was way too sweet and dense.

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