Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More yogurt & Moose

Maybe eating more won't be so hard if I consume massive amounts of yogurt. Okay, not really, but I did buy 5 more single Chobani containers tonight to supplement my dinner and for more snacking. Clearly I need more ideas for food.

I ate a homemade breakfast burrito after my workout ("Slim in 6 Burn It Up") because I was not feeling up to dressing for the gym.

Since I finished early, I stopped by a new-to-me coffee house, The Monkey House Cafe. There is a fake tree and tons of stuffed animals reminiscent of The Rainforest Cafe. They serve Illy coffee, which isn't common here, and the regular for $1.50 is huge. I saved half for an iced coffee tomorrow.

I also ran by Mother's Market and saw that they had Isabella's Cookies on sale for 99 cents. Of course it will expire tomorrow but not if I put it in the fridge! :) I chose The Paddy, a chocolate chip cookie with mint!

Today was twin day at the high school. Not as much fun as pajama day on Tuesday where most students dressed up. Onesies are IN. None of mine did Lame. Had I known, I would've been on top of it. I actually don't know what tomorrow is either...

I found out my lovely "son," Moose, changed math classes this quarter and will be the only freshman in the junior/senior class I work with! So excited because that math class dull. Not sure if he'll like it, but I'll like having him there.

I ate a Chobani black cherry on my drive to my other job. Since I got there early, I tried on tons of clothing. I found that despite our big sale, my discount will still be better so no need to wait!

I also realized I get hungry at around 5 or 5:30. I finally got a break at 6:30 and was famished! My apple was savored in 10 minutes, which is quite awhile. I eat apples slower when they're not cut up.

I picked up yogurt and "Crazy Stupid Love" before coming home for salmon and broccoli and then a Chobani strawberry.

"Crazy Stupid Love" was good. So much better than Steve Carrell's last effort, "Date Night."

Off to bed and BodyPump in the morning!

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