Saturday, November 19, 2011

Afternoon naps & resting

Vacation time! We have a whole week off of school for Thanksgiving AND I have a few days off my other job.

Since I got my workout in the morning, I got to just relax, eat, and take a nap.

While I have trouble sleeping in, I can make it up by taking a siesta during the day.

After work is the perfect time. The sun is shining too bright and low. It has always just been a transition time for me. Who doesn't remember coming home from school and wanting to rest a little? I always needed to recharge after a day at school whether I was 6 or 16 and even when I was college.

So after a wacky meal of spinach, corn, edamame, and an egg over easy plus almonds and a mango, I napped for 3 hours. Then woke up to feast again! I've been cold lately so I had oatmeal with Fitnessista's 2-minute microwaved apple.

I finished up "Real Women Have Curves," which was pretty good with the pubescent America Ferrera - she was a star then.

Today began by heading to the farmer's market. Nothing purchased there, but I did swing over to Trader Joe's for cocoa almond spread. Ours doesn't have it yet. It's very much like Nutella yet I was disappointed that this "almond" spread has very little protein!

I biked lightly for 15 minutes to warm my legs up before Turbo and BodyPump.

A lot of the girls do what I did: take 3 classes in a row. I can't anymore. However, I totally did it at a high intensity and with more energy than they did. :) Now though, I'm falling apart in the second class. :( What I've realized is that all that working out hasn't quite helped any of them like it didn't help me later on.

Pump was hard. I really need to start lifting on my own because I haven't added weights in a really long time... like 5 months. I accidentally added weight to the back track today and paid for it later in plank. I was hazy when putting on weights and added an extra 5 lbs rather than 2.5. The triple overhead presses xs 4 per set kicked my butt. I was proud though. :)

I met up with the family at Costco. I bought some more cold cuts and cheese. Yum!

All the samples were sweet so that didn't help my post-workout hunger.

I went over to Mother's nearby. It's a more spacious location and had tons of samples. Mmm. I ended up with a slice of pesto based pizza and an 8 oz juice. Sadly, I didn't want pesto; I love tomato sauce! The pizza was still delicious though. I purchased the wrong soda and only noticed after I sipped it so I tossed that. Whoops.

My last trip was to buy some PB2 at Miss Bobbie's. I saw it last time and bought a jar of regular and chocolate to try, mostly because I had to spend $10 to use my card. I can't wait to make things with it!

I was close so I made the trip over there as well as tasti D lite. The employee graciously explained the product to me and let me try it but I was so turned off by the frothiness of it.

I'm feigning for a nap but just showered. Maybe in a little bit. Till then I will read some of The Help.

Stay tuned for more!

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