Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meal plan Wednesday?

Eek, meal plan Wednesday? Anyways, I'm behind, but I need to reassess. I had a cupcake today and I didn't work out. I have to be okay with that... but I saw my arms and ugh, I was so unmotivated. Let's get back on track.

#1. Work out in the morning.

Wednesday, November 23
*yoga, TurboKick
Meals: Shakeology, asaparagus + egg-rito with goat cheese!, Fage 0%, apple
work 3:30-7:30

#2. Incorporate more Zumba and dance.

Thursday, November 24
Meals: oatmeal, turkey, giant salad!, apple

#3. Cut out sweets. Again. Buy lots of fruit! I was once able to do this and only had a sweet ONCE a week. For some reason, I treat myself all the time now. :(

Friday, November 25
*TurboKick, Amp'd Abs
Meals: Shakeology, leftover turkey, giant salad
work 2-6

#4. More strength classes, including yoga and lifting.

Saturday, November 26
*Pop Physique
Meals: oatmeal, turkey and salad otra vez

Sunday, November 27

Monday, November 28

Tuesday, November 29

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