Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old but still hot

I did not see this coming. It was hot in the afternoon, but thunderstorms strike quickly.

This weather calls for some not-so-old but not-so-new music. I turned some on because it's kind of quiet in here.
  • "American Boy" - Estelle
  • "Hate It Or Love It" - The Game
  • "Paralyzer" - Finger 11
  • "This Love" - Maroon 5
  • "No Scrubs" - TLC
As I'm listening to these, I'm reminded of a song one summer when I was in high school and we had cable.

First it was hailing, now it's really hot in here. I guess it's because the oven's on. I got bored (not working on my resume) and decided to bake my roommate something. I haven't baked much lately (yay!) but this is a special event.

Rocky Road cookies a la Sugarbomb Bakery in a skillet because I thought it would be cooler than a regular cookie

I chose that at the last minute, but I've been wanting to make some paleo banana bread and it all worked out since I found almond flour in the bulk bin today! How perfect right?

I had to decorate it. Happy 28th birthday roomie!

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