Saturday, May 28, 2011

I stare at a lot of ceilings.

I'm going to blog and see how I feel before I go or don't go to "Yoga Meets Dance." I already worked out this morning and showered, but this should be pretty fun so I should go even if I'm tired. It'll be an hour and a half and then I can come home and do whatever I please.

Okay okay, so I woke up for tailgates, went to the gym for 30+ minutes elliptical/weight class/yoga-Pilates class, walked around downtown for a good 2 hours, and then came home for lunch. It was late and I had finally decided on 2 egg whites, arugula, and goat cheese on 1/2 a sprouted wrap.

Besides that, I had a Shakeology at breakfast, a gluten-free cookie, and a mini cupcake. Not terrible, but I should eat better on weekends (another reason I should go to Yoga Meets Dance to divert myself away from sitting on my bum in front of the TV - I can do that after I come back anyways).

Speaking of yoga, yesterday I tried out yoga at Asheville Yoga Center. They have a nice ceiling: square within square protruding downwards. I went at 7:30AM and knew the instructor from previous classes at the Rush (gym where I go). There were 3 of us and though it wasn't hot in the least, but I enjoyed it. It warmed me up enough so that I could do an almost-head stand. I haven't been able to even attempt it on Sundays.

I was disappointed twice today because the temperature was not hot there or after work at Asheville Community Yoga. Though at the latter, there were 40+ people and we were on each other's mats. Because everyone was in the same predicament, it felt so normal. It was a power flow class and I definitely felt it by the end. I even had a little sweat and fell asleep during relaxation.

After yoga plans:
  • Watch "The Dilemma"
  • Meal plan for next week
  • Plan workouts for tomorrow - may go to the Mtn Sports Fest for their yoga clinic
  • Look at my resume
  • Read Are You My Guru?

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