Friday, May 6, 2011

May already!

Here I am again on a day off the gym. I'm tired, my legs are a tad tired, and I just took some NyQuil to hopefully knock myself out.

I took Monday off to run errands at government offices. It didn't all pan out though. I got my AM workout in, went to do my thing, and got lunch at Blue Water Seafood Company (it's on my list).

While waiting to work out, I made peanut butter & jelly filled mochi! Yum yum!

I went back to work on Tuesday but no gym since I went to Turbo Kick as well as step on Monday. It was my instructor's birthday so she filmed up. It was lots of fun!

I had killer workouts Wednesday and Thursday in the morning and at night. One thing that's different though is that, while I didn't work out at night, I did in the morning both Tuesday and today. :)

On Tuesday, I baked green tea tarts with lychee and strawberry preserves. The filling was great whereas the tart was rather hard.

Despite a day off, I'm just glad it's the weekend. I need sleep. My roommate and I have been watching tons of "Bones" - we're on season 3 - and falling asleep to it every night at 11PM... with the TV on. :/ Even with eight hours, I'm still groggy.

I realized I love seeing others' menu plans.

Sweet potato with hard boiled egg - I'm so going to be a bento box mom.

VegHeads had a soft opening. I realized this when I drove by. I got the veggie stack: flavorful, a little spice, on foccacia, and with goat cheese. I didn't eat the foccacia though. :)

Finally, I doubled the volume of my almond butter by adding equal parts almond butter and almond milk. The recipe comes from Oh She Glows and Heather Eats Almond Butter.

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