Sunday, May 15, 2011

Waking up late on Sunday

I've got my pair of Wunder Unders on and I'm drinking tea at Dobra Tea - my favorite, Memories of Prague.

They have a brand new cold tea involving coconut water and green tea. I'm typically a fan of hot tea because I'm always cold so I'll have to replicate this at home since I still have 10 bottles of coconut water in my car! :/ They were on sale for $10 for 12 bottles!

Okay, so I slept in this morning. I initially woke up at 7AM but went back to bed because I was tired. My plans were to practice Turbo Kick Round 41 (an older one), bike for 30 minutes, and go to yoga all by 10:30. Instead, I slept in until 9 and finally got up and did an hour of Turbo Kick Round 41. I wasn't even going to do that, but I was rather motivated. I found FabFitFun, Giuliana Rancic's website and this article on feeling energized. I wasn't so I wanted to be. Do jumping jacks? I can do more so I woke up for Turbo and it was gooood.

I eventually left the house after doing dishes and making myself a yummy wrap with 1/2 an Alvarado Street organic sprouted wheat tortilla. They're much tastier and less grainy than the Food for Life sprouted tortillas.

I put in a handful of spinach, 1/2 wedge of Weight Watchers jalapeno cheese wedge, 1/4 can of lump crab, and a sliver of avocado.

I went to the only tailgate on Sundays because Sundays are kind of dull. Besides sleeping in and brunch, it seems we all just walk around aimlessly. Anyways, they have a brand new vendor this season, Delicious Deceptions. They make gluten-free goodies and had bread this week. I got a chocolate chip cookie. Unlike others I've tried, this one was moist and chewy rather than crunchy. Also, they always have cinnamon rolls and to top it off, eclairs. Not many people make eclairs much less gluten-free ones!

Today, I plan on going to the gym for some biking, Zumba, and yoga. I need to get my yoga on weekends since I'm reluctant to do so on weekdays.

I have my Shakeology ready for my pre-workout meal. I must ask if I can trade out for Greenberry cause I'm getting a little sick of the sweetness of chocolate.

For dinner, I'm using the other half of my tortilla from brunch for a Barney Butter almond butter (I scored a large 16 oz container for $6.50 at Amazing Savings!), half my dented Fuji, and some vegan and gluten-free marshmallow Dandies I also bought yesterday for 99 cents (they were so good).

I had something similar last night but with 1/2 a banana instead. It was delicious.

Okay, off to make my menu for the week!

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