Thursday, May 12, 2011

Really should've napped

I started the day off because I had to drive to traffic court. It was pretty quick.

I started my morning with a pineapple spinach green tea smoothie.

After court, I had a couple of raw zucchini rolls filled with goat cheese and a date.

I came back, went grocery shopping, and then shoe shopping.

Nike Shox Conundrum in kids' size 6 for $60. Not bad.

I'm still in the record for a pair of Nike Frees.

I craved some mac and cheese so I made Hungry Girl's crab mac & cheese recipe.

Last night, I made a loaf of pineapple coconut vegan banana bread and ate a lot of it. The bread was good, but the vegan PB cream cheese frosting was fantastic.

Good thing I got a good 25 minutes of stationary biking in and then a good lifting session. Turbo was okay, but my new Shox made it kind of difficult since they're leather.

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