Sunday, May 15, 2011

My favorite peanut butters

When I started with my peanut butter addiction, I was all about Peter Pan Whipped and Creamy

Then I found Peanut Butter & Company at Walmart of all places. They have three flavors there: White Chocolate Wonderful, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and my favorite, The Bee's Knees. I was addicted and they have fun recipes every week.

I've also tried Mighty Maple, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, and The Heat is On. Of those three, I like cinnamon raisin and rarely encounter the others but for good reason, they're not so good.

Of course, I've also had Smooth Operator and Crunch Time. They're pretty plain so not as good.

I got even more sophisticated after finding out I was consuming such amazing stuff.

Sometimes it's hard to drive all the way to Walmart on the other side of town or go to the nicer grocery stores and pay more for Peanut Butter & Co. Thus, I tried MaraNatha's organic peanut butter with a hint of sea salt. Crunchy is now a staple.

Just recently, I read all about almond butter. I'm a peanut butter purist. I love PEANUT butter, but when I tried to quit baking, I started trying to grind nuts in my blender at home. I read a bunch of fitness blogs and everyone's a fan of Barney Butter almond butter (smooth). They changed my mind about non-peanut nut butter.

So after a year of peanut butter fanaticism, here are my favorites and I've tried quite a bit of them.

In addition to scoring a full-sized container of Barney Butter yesterday for $6.50, I also got some vegan, gluten-free marshmallows! They were 99 cents so I thought I'd get a bag to compliment my nut butter.

They're called Dandies and the bag reminds me of some "Made in Japan" import. They are sugary and denser than your typical marshmallow. It takes more like fluff and has more taste than those icky plain ones.

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