Friday, May 20, 2011

Big city life: White Duck Taco Shop & Hello Kitty

Asheville has big city food. There are always restaurants and businesses opening up that have unique tastes that you'd only find in LA or NY.

I was the first customer at White Duck Taco Shop. It's hard to find because though it's in the River Arts District, it's at the corner past the hubbub of the district. When I finally found it, I was surprised with a gorgeous interior with pillows in shades of blue. It's bigger than I expected.

They had a fun menu with tacos: mushrooms and goat cheese, mahi mahi, BBQ, crispy chicken, flank steak and cheese, duck mole, and Bangkok shrimp.

I chose Bangkok shrimp. It came with two tortillas, but I put all my shrimp on one and ate just one tortilla.

I also ordered Yancey a duck mole and flank steak/cheese with grilled onions tacos. He liked them okay.

I'm excited about such a varied menu that includes Southern, Asian, and Mexican influences. They'll be changing their menu and will have more sides and appetizers. I can't wait for that if it's anything like their fresh and fun taco menu.

Since I was the first customer, the local newspaper took pictures and interviewed me. They've been following the restaurant's opening so it should be up at some point soon.

I'm including Hello Kitty because she's a big city gal. I forgot my card in the machine and got my replacement. It's an updated version of the card.

This was the old one. I'm not sure which I like more, but I like the new one because it's new.

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