Saturday, May 21, 2011

Story of my Saturday & my life: food & fitness

Instagram is so much fun! I'm a little addicted - I've taken pictures so I can play with them.

I made raw vegan peanut butter cups last night. Super easy and I needed it because I got super stressed out. So super stressed that I can't talk about it or even talk. Seriously.

This morning, I did the usual: head to tailgates. I bought goodies of course. I decided against a flower this week because the peony I bought last week smells terrible. Maybe I'll get something at the Sunday tailgate market tomorrow instead.

I got a yummy gluten-free jam thumbprint cookie from Night & Day Bakery at the North Asheville Tailgate. I used to not be a fan until I decided to go gluten-free and started liking less yeasty/doughy/sugary goodies. Though I got a chocolate bundt cake slice from the lady too. Guess what? It's sitting patiently in the freezer because a few days without tons of sugar and I'm doing pretty good. :)

After tailgates, gym time. I hit the elliptical for 35 minutes while listening to Jillian Michaels' podcast on her new book and sugar in foods. Perfect.

I hit weighlifting class pretty hard and the yoga/Pilates combo class was fantastic. I could feel my strength coming back in both classes, but my balance was definitely showing today. I wanted to scream and shout for joy! :)

I came home to make myself an egg white and ground turkey scramble with some tomatoes, spinach, and Three Graces Dairy ginger goat cheese. I added some of my parsley plant. (Instagram makes this picture so much more vivid!)

Of course, my day was kind of sucky for about an hour due to 5 minutes. I tried to take a nap because I got little sleep the night before. Like always. Failed. Instead, I went to the Amazing Savings in Black Mountain and the flagship store in another part of Asheville. I picked up a ton of goodies.

The Black Mountain store had tons of MaraNatha honey almond butter so I got another jar. I also bought a jar of MaraNatha dark chocolate peanut butter at the flagship store.

I like chips and I've been trying the Kettle brand TIAS! since Sugarbomb Bakery suggested it. I found a gluten-free rice and adzuki bean chip in chipotle cheese. Weird ingredients, but quite enjoyable.

It got hot today so I quenched my thirst with a JB's diet green tea with honey and ginseng. It's reminiscent of Arizona teas.

My adventure to the flagship store led me to buy PB (mentioned above) as well as chocolate! Three bars for the freezer. :) I really wanted some dried coconut not the tiny thin shredded type though.

To round it off, rolled oats, chia seed flour, and organic zero-cal sugar.

For produce, I headed to the healthy grocery stores and for bulk nuts, I go to the conventional store.

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