Thursday, May 26, 2011

Find time for it all

I just ate a mini cupcake.

It was Joy the Baker's birthday cupcake recipe: chocolate, peanut butter cookie dough, toasted marshmallow cupcake. I made it while listening to her two pod casts, one of which I started while at the gym. It's more of a baking/home time type of pod cast though. I'll save the Jillian pod casts for the gym.

Anyhow, I failed at making the meringue. I admit it: I've never ever made meringue and even with my mixer, it would not become fluffy. Nevertheless, not bad. Not heaven in my mouth like I expected. Well, I didn't get to put peanut butter in the cookies and used Greek yogurt instead. Then I put real marshmallows on top, placed them in the oven, and voila.

Okay, it's going to be alright that I made and ate cupcakes. First off, they were super sweet and chocolatey so I'm done with 'em and will take them to work tomorrow.

Secondly, I ate pretty well today: very delicious purple rain for breakfast (with Tera's Whey cranberry goat protein though), turkey and egg white scramble at lunch, an orange for snack, Shakeology, and Greek yogurt with lavender after the gym.

*This one has matcha powder and a piece of chocolate from last night.

The gym was sucky. I did some warming up for 20 minutes then I tried to lift weights. It wasn't a good weight lifting day. I also had bad self-body images today. :( My Turbo instructor lifted my spirits though and I kicked butt (except my back hurt a little) in Turbo Kick.

My friend Kris, who I have known for 6 years, is coming over tonight. In an hour. It's his birthday on Monday and I stopped by the store for him so when he gets here, he'll see this surprise.

I also got home to open up my awesome gift to myself. I asked my roommate if he could bring them to me before I went to the gym today. That didn't work out, but I get to use them tomorrow! :) They're Nike Free XT QuickFit in mega blue and they were on sale!

It's hot and rainy, which I dislike. See, if it was cold and rainy, I would be all for the hot yoga classes tomorrow (7:30-8:30 hot flow yoga then hot power flow at Asheville Yoga Center from 6-7:30 after work at the Asheville Community Yoga Center).

I must head to bed soon, after I make lunch and read a little of my book. I'm totally failing at reading this book, Are You My Guru? All of this once I get up from this chair and stop fawning all over Pinterest! I just got it and am enamored.

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