Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly goals: May 23

Okay, it's not yet Sunday or Monday, but I'm looking ahead.

This week, I added weights so I achieved a fitness goal. I also cut out some sugar so yay there too. I'm going to Ian's birthday party tomorrow - I consider that a wellness goal. :) Wellness goals can be very different from helping someone to sleeping early because they make me feel good. I just need to work on getting my resume all together by tomorrow!

I've already set some of my goals for next week.
  • Fitness: yoga Friday (6-7:30 hot flow at Asheville Community Yoga) since I haven't been going to hip hop class
  • Food: eat after working out, something healthy
  • Wellness: sleep by 11 - this is such a constant goal!
  • Creativity: read a book
  • Professional: apply for jobs!
I spent an hour at Mr. K's used books and got two books for myself. I have trade credit so it was free. :) I think I'll probably read Are You My Guru since the next "serious" book I have to read is The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

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