Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm a big kid now.

Though I enjoy days off, I get bored. I can only work out so much and shop so much. I volunteered to babysit one of my kids, the only one I would.

I felt like a kid again. We walked to the park and played. I climbed on the jungle gym, went down the slide, swung around, and hid underneath the bridge as a troll.

He got hungry so we walked a good amount to West End Bakery. They have ooey gooey cinnamon rolls we both love. He decided on a gluten-free blackberry muffin and a day-old cinnamon roll while I had coffee. He ate the muffin and I gave him a taste of the cinnamon roll then packed it up. I thought it would be best to make him have some local sausage. Though later, I found out his mom doesn't care either way. Teacher-parents are so much easier than most.

He also had some chocolate milk.

We walked home and played soccer for 30 minutes. As in soccer, I mean we kicked the ball back and forth for that amount of time. It got dull but he made the funniest noises with every kick so I made it a game to expel weird noises too. :)

It was easy to be a kid with this kid. He's awesome. Love love love.

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