Monday, May 23, 2011

On being a better roommate...

I slept in and didn't do my AM workout. Since I'm totally lacking sleep, wherever I can get it, I am.

Back to work today. :/ Eh, as Ms. Karen says, "no talk, no touch, no eye contact." It's from some movie?

Anyways, the new step routine was okay. I planned on going to "flow yourself to sleep" yoga but it didn't happen. Instead, I decided to come home to celebrate my roommate's 28th birthday because he had no plans.

I didn't tell him of course so when I came home, he was mowing the lawn? Whoa whoa whoa, is it my birthday or yours?!

He totally deserved the goodies I went out to get him: pizza from Circle in the Square, The Kraken rum because it looked cool, and "The Roommate" (PERFECT!) and "No Strings Attached."


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