Monday, October 1, 2012

MIMM: Long, long day

Back to working out today. I had a long, long day ahead but I got in TurboKick. I haven't been to this particular class in over a month! I didn't do very well. I thought the 8.5 hours of sleep was enough, but I was either still tired or groggy.

Or maybe it's just this class - the energy is different. I used to go to this class all the time and get frustrated when I didn't get a good workout. The Monday night class suits me a little better, pushes me harder, and I've realized is harder.

Lately, I've been having trouble with mud runs. My legs need more work huh?

Anyways, I worked 3.5 hours in the morning then went to my other job for 6 hours. We had a floor set and I got home not too long ago. I need time to wind down before bed.

I'm taking a "Pretty Little Liars" break and watching "The Long, Long Trailer."

I saw it on Amanda's blog and had to watch it.

October is here. September flew by!

What is there to look forward to this month?

Apples from my apple picking trip:

With which I made a healthier version of the apple chimi cheesecake from Applebee's.
Mine is simple: 1/2-2/3 Granny Smith apple microwaved with cinnamon and Greek yogurt in a Sonoma low carb tortilla + a drizzle of protein powder frosting (protein powder + water).* Put it in a pan with non-stick spray and done-zo.

*I would add sugar free cheesecake pudding mix to the Greek yogurt next time. 

I saw these at the store. They look and smell so good, but I resisted.

I did buy protein powder as part of my $35 budget

It was on super sale!

I got some candy corn. Really, this is all I got.

I had a gift card for gelato tonight, but it was near closing so the guy gave it to me for free! I only ate half because gelato is so sweet!

Now I can save my gift card for pumpkin gelato later on this week!

What are your October goals? I'll post mine tomorrow!

I have tons of awesome links for you tomorrow when I have a little more time.

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