Monday, October 8, 2012

MIMM: The Great Pumpkin [patch]

For those who wake up before 6 A.M., I applaud your dedication. Maybe it's not a choice. It's still hard to wake up before the sun comes out.

I felt like it was still Friday night instead of 6 A.M. on a Saturday morning. 

I woke up to head to boot camp class. Sadly, my favorite boot camp instructor wasn't teaching and we did lots of abs. We also did lots of lunges and my inner thighs were burning - we'll see how they feel tomorrow.

And since I hadn't seen my favorite TurboKick instructor in 2 weeks and skipped TurboKick for boot camp, I went to her Zumba class too.

Of course I was starving post-workouts and I had made a terrible breakfast.

I tried to add in matcha powder to my protein pancakes. They were dense and tough though mostly because I'm out of cottage cheese to fluff 'em up.

*I'll give it another shot tomorrow with some cottage cheese.

My cousin and I decided to go out for lunch. His treat. :)

I had 3 of these delicious grilled pork spring rolls (minus the fried egg roll skin inside).

Afterwards, we visited Tanaka Farm, one of our few local farms.

Wagon ride or corn maze?

Free corn maze it is. The stalks weren't tall enough for us though...

The vegetable garden with the barn house in the background actually makes me feel like we're in a more rural area.

My friend told me it looks like I was getting fresh with this eggplant. *I haven't eaten an eggplant in a long time.

My cousin's eggplant friend

My cousin likes corn much better.

Pumpkins up for strawberries!

Off to see the pumpkins!

White pumpkins are my favorite

The giant ones. I tried to pick one up and it rolled so I just sat down.

Happy to visit the pumpkin patch but didn't bring one home.

We did get lost, had to pay a toll fee (reminding me to carry cash with me at all times), and devoured some Only 8 pumpkin pie frozen yogurt.

Have you visited the pumpkin patch yet?
Do you have local farms near you?


  1. I would have had WAY too much fun with the giant product cut outs. That's awesome!

  2. Love pumpkin patches! So much fun. Sorry to hear about your pancakes :( Hopefully they turned out better today!

  3. hehehee! looks like you had a great day! :-)
    very funny pictures!!!!!