Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Ok Thursday Evening

Its Ok Thursdays
Thursdays are a fan favorite. Everyone is so ecstatic that we passed the midway point.

I'm just excited because I didn't have to work my night job this Thursday.

My evening was full of "it's okays:"
  • to eat Biscoff spread from the jar with a fork. It prevents me from getting too much. :)
  • to go off my budget to buy pumpkin spice English muffins. They finally went on sale!
  • to take an afternoon nap. It was only an hour!
  • to get an eerie feeling when watching "Pretty Little Liars" and having to stop.
  • to watch "Christmas Cupid." Yes it's a Christmas movie, Ashley Benson form "Pretty Little Liars" is in it.

  • (source)
  • to be slow on reading Life of Pi. I will finish it this weekend though! If you've read it, isn't it crazy how big the lifeboat sounds?!

  • (source)
  • to get pumpkin harvest Febreze. No one else likes the smell so it'll be my car that gets to smell glorious!
When do you start watching Christmas movies?

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