Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIAW: Not ready (M-W)

This week is going by rather slowly. I was just not ready for a crazy Monday; hopefully Tuesday will recharge me for the week.
I didn't buy pumpkin English muffins though those are on my grocery list for next week, but I did buy pumpkin spice pudding mix for an extra dose of pumpkin in pumpkin cheesecake mousse.

I was out of peanut butter and instead picked up Biscoff. Europeans use it instead of peanut butter - that's healthy enough right?

On Monday, I slept in and baked Joy the Baker's man bait apple crisp.

My mom ate 1/4 of it and wouldn't let me take it to work to share.

It tastes better than it looks.

For myself, I made pumpkin Greek yogurt with Fage 0%, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and some of that pumpkin spice pudding mix.

And my new favorite snack: Fitnessista's pumpkin amazeballs. I ate a whole recipe for 4 amazeballs. They were super easy and delicious.
*You can choose your flour - I went with 2 tablespoons of protein powder and 2 tablespoons of oat flour. 
**For the nut butter, I used 1 tablespoon of Biscoff and 1 tablespoon of peanut flour - this actually worked.

Monday was a rest day. I know that's weird because I go hard on weekends. On weekdays, I feel rushed to get to work.

Tuesday, I woke up with a killer cramp in my hip. I decided to stretch it out by biking to work. The route consists of 4 miles there and 4 back. I was tired all day though and eventually took a nap before making a batch of Joy the Baker's browned butter chocolate chip cookie dough batter to bake tomorrow morning. My kids requested it!

Wednesday is yoga day! It's quickly becoming my favorite besides weekends. I have a long day but once it's over, the week goes by faster.

This week's necessary to-dos:
  • Review by going over CTEL sample questions
  • Finally finish Life of Pi
Have you tried pumpkin bagels or English muffins?


  1. Happy WIAW! Love your pumpkin balls. :-)

  2. I am OBSESSED with the pumpkin english muffins. The ones I've found are Thomas brand, and they are amazing. I've purchased 5 packages thus far this fall, and have one in my bread box and one in my freezer as we speak. Totally worth it!

  3. Love the pumpkin balls! I haven't tried pumpkin english muffins yet since they don't carry them out here.. however, my momma did just sent me a care package full of them. DYING to try them :)

  4. I've been meaning to try Fitnessista's amazeballs. Yours look great! And I don't know what you're talking about! That apple crisp looks super good too :)