Thursday, January 31, 2013

One interview

Last night I got called in and following my new motto for work, "Go when asked," I went. That's 5 days of my part-time job this week!

Gotta do what I can to make some extra money.

This morning, I woke up to interview for a substitute teacher position in the district I currently work for.

We did group interviews, which was difficult especially when questions had few answer choices. Immediately after, I realized I was the only person with a credential and fingerprints already on file. They wanted me today but I declined - I can't have two positions at a time.

Despite that, I still received an e-mail for substitute orientation.

In the end, I decided I love my students too much and it's not actually beneficial for me to leave. Not only is the pay the lowest for subs in the area when we have the highest salary for teachers, but my position has allowed me to connect with teachers and staff much more than any sub position.

Regardless, I achieved my easy peasy January goal of applying for 3 jobs. The total count: no less than 15 jobs applied for.

I napped after work and headed to barre. I then spent an hour walking around Whole Foods while talking to my friend and ended up with a bar of chocolate. On sale of course.

I picked up my mail filled with all my tax forms and ended up eating a Quest bar for dinner and then a bowl of chocolate Fiber One.

Hm, I need to do some grocery shopping. I'm down to tuna and cereal!

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