Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five Friday: The Big Goal & Sushi Night

I had relatively few goals for the month and except for one - read a book, which I'm working on! - I've completed all my goals.

The big one: apply for 3 teaching jobs. By January, I had applied for 5 jobs - 4 in Asheville and 1 Saturday tutoring position out here. I got a reply from the one out here: denied.

Since then, I have applied for more than 3 positions. The process has gone by much quicker now that I have all my paperwork scanned and uploaded. :)

I've lost track. I applied for 3 other positions as well as these... for a total of 8!
Working on these:

Sushi with my cousins tonight, or rather early bird dinner. I had the Alaskan roll, essentially a California roll topped with salmon, with brown rice.

Lack of sleep caught up with me and I passed out a couple hours later. Thank goodness we walked around otherwise I would've slept right after eating!

Now I'm up and trying to sleep again for AM boot camp.

What's your favorite sushi roll?
How are you doing on your goals this month?

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