Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: One goal, no resolutions

Happy New Year! I mentioned I wasn't making resolutions this year. I see no point in doing so because I honestly don't use them!


I suppose I can share a big goal of mine with you, but you already know: get a full-time teaching job or something comparable.

Exactly how I feel:

This may happen, and I'm sorry mom.

No other resolutions, but I know tons of people have the "to lose weight" resolution. Here's a quick snippet of how that has gone for me.

Awhile ago, I decided to get healthy and I'm continuing on that journey. A few things have changed since I first started.

I did great at first, lots of water and just ate in moderation. The change in my mind happened overnight.

When I saw that I could lose weight, I worked out a lot and ate little food of nutritional value. I then messed around with raw foods, protein powders, vegetarianism, etcetera. All of which aren't bad but are also unnecessary. I got obsessed with working out and then with food.

Once in awhile, I delete my calorie counter. I've done it again this time for good and stopped planning meals. I trust myself now - I've learned a lot and made good decisions on vacations. Since my return to Asheville a few weeks ago, I've made a revelation. I no longer waste time meal planning and when I make my decisions on the spot, I don't feel deprived. I feel free!

I've lost a lot of weight already and then gained some back, but I'm healthy. Anything more I lose is aesthetic.

This is so true! I do so much better when I'm not stick thin and obsessed.

Going to that party the other day made me realize that I can get along with anyone. I talked to some cool guys and along with everything else as of late, I'm more confident in this whole love deal. Plus, I watched "27 Dresses" again last night. Darn those sappy romance movies.

I also noticed that I'm pretty awesome, period.

Live life. Now.

I love this.

So for today, tomorrow, and everyday...

Happy New Year!  

It's cool if you have resolutions? What's the big one? Or some goals for 2013?

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