Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank My Body Thursday #3

I ran and it was a choice. I was just planning on a walk to read Gone Girl on my Kindle iPhone app since I got the night off - I was supposed to work but had to take my uncle to the ER. He's doing okay now.

Anyways, no one wanted to go with me even though it's a lot warmer today. I put my shoes on and zoom, I was out.

1 mile of perfect running then 1 mile of walking. No matter how much cardio I do, I can't breathe properly while running but today's weather and the subsiding of my sickness made it easy.

*Here's info on how the body works while running. Cool stuff.

This morning's workout was a quick one because I was achy.

The workout didn't do much for me - it was actually kind of painful on my back. So I finished up and was done with it.

On sale drank to wake me up.

I found my replacement from Wilderness Poets in the mail today. That was quick! This was amazing, much better than the 100% pure hempsread. It tastes like a less chocolaty version of Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter.

New-to-me buy because it was too expensive before. Now it's only $1.49 and quite delicious.

Off to read more Gone Girl and digest the oatmeal protein pancakes I had for dinner and also had as an afternoon snack.

*Check out Clare's review of Gone Girl and Wild, which I also downloaded!

How have you listened to your body lately?

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