Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank My Body Thursday: Good use of time


I had a big to-do list yesterday and I almost finished it. Among the things I did not do: finish my friend's resume (since last week!) and repaint my nails!

I headed to yoga yesterday. The sub was an instructor I like but never get to see.

I paid the California Teaching Commission again; this time for a substitute permit. What sense does it make if I already have everything else?

At least I received 2 awesome recommendations, including one that said "in my 15 years of working with students, I have never experienced any instructional assistant who was better prepared and who worked harder than Julie."

And boy have I been working harder than usual!

After work, I bought castor oil to try out oil cleansing. The process took a long time, but I hope to see progress!

I headed to Whole Foods where I bought bison, which made me super full, and saw... Rob "The Saint" Emerson! Made my day!

I stalked him a bit before standing behind him in line to ask him if he was Rob Emerson, asked for my name, and told me he'd be on a bounty hunting show on TNT.

I also found jalapeno jack pretzels, which I've been wanting to try forever but were always a little expensive. Verdict: very salty and smells more than it tastes.

Plus, I bought a ton of items for an upcoming Valentine's Day care package I'm sending:

I watched the second half of "The Biggest Loser" before bed and was so sad to see my favorite leave!

Today was a cold one here. I'm okay with cold as long as it's this pretty though.

 I picked up all of these for 99 cents! I love the continuing holiday clearance!

I knocked out some January goals and checked off a bunch of to-dos as well:
While making lists is pretty much an obsession for me, I find that it focuses me and helps me make good use of my time. 

Still no meal planning for the most part and guess what, I haven't bought much food. I use up what's in the kitchen.

Have you seen any celebrities when you're out and about? Yes, Rob Emerson must be like a D list celebrity but he's one I like!
Have you tried oil cleansing? The process took me around 30 minutes the first time because I had to measure everything out and put a hot cloth on my face 5-6 times instead of 3-4.
How's the weather where you are?

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